The Role of GPS Tracker Chips in GPS Tracking

GPS tracker chips are the smallest of all the GPS tracking devices. The dimensions of this chip are only 2.5mm × 2.0mm. It is as small as a baby’s finger nail. These small chips were developed by Rakon Company in New Zealand, and were made to target the mobile phone manufacturers. The incredibly smaller size of the chip will bring about a revolution not only in the mobile phone market, but also in various other fields. It is only going to benefit mankind in one way or other.

GPS Tracker Chips in Cell Phones

The main application of these chips will be in cell phones. The size of the chip allows the manufacturers to design sleek and slim mobile phones, as they take only very less space. Some manufacturers like Motorola have already introduced their version of small tracking chips in their latest models. As more and more manufacturers embrace the new technology, this is going to be a very popular gadget.

GPS Tracking Of Pets

Tracking devices for pets is already very popular among the pet lovers. They make life much happier and easier. So, if the size of these tracking devices reduces considerably, it will be a great hit. Also, the GPS tracker chips can be placed subcutaneously under the skin. This will ensure that the device is not lost accidentally, or removed from the pets. These chips will only add to the relief of pet owners.

Tracking Kids

The number of missing children is ever increasing in the modern world. So, parents are trying their very best to protect their children. The tracker chips will be the next step in protecting kids for those who are already using tracking devices. The bigger devices can only be carried in the bag or the pocket, where accidental loss is very likely to happen. But, the smaller GPS tracker chips can be placed anywhere on the body. It can be placed inside the shoe, or it can be stitched on to the dress. It can even be placed subcutaneously, although more researches are needed for such an application.

GPS Tracking in Scientific Researches

The main application of tracking devices in scientific researches will be its use in tracking wild animals. Scientists who study the life of wild animals and birds can make use of this technology. It will also be of immense help in the study of life in Antarctica, especially that of polar bears. In this case also, the GPS tracker chips can be placed subcutaneously under the skin of the animal or bird.